Teardrop: Galley Counter and Upper Cabinets

— on March 26, 2018 by in Teardrop Camper

Over the last few days I’ve begun work on the galley area in earnest. The counter top itself was installed as a part of the rear bulk head and internal cabinets. It is a 1/2″ piece of plywood.

Teardrop - Galley and Upper Cabinets - 001

This plywood has a significant bow in it (not pleased with the quality, but it is what I can get. That bow is why you see the level clamped to it. Eventually, the dividers below and the front edge lip will hold it flat.

For simplicity I decided to divide the upper space in half and install peg mounted shelves. The shelves will have a large front lip to help keep things in place. I’ll probably have to come up with some other ways to keep dishes and other items from bouncing out. I will also need a way to make sure the shelves don’t bounce off their pins.

The divider is another 1/2″ piece of plywood with poplar molding over the front edge and iron on edge banding on top. The only catch with this design is that 1/2″ ply isn’t thick enough for 2 shelf pins to fit from both sides. The shelves can’t line up side to side, at least not with off-the-self shelf pins.

Teardrop - Galley and Upper Cabinets - 002

The shelve fit snugly so it may not be necessary to find a way to secure them other than friction.

As a part of the prep for the galley build out, I added 1/2″ plywood sides in the upper galley over the original 1/4″ plywood interior skin. The reason I did this is because the hatch seal is going to need a thicker outer wall to work right. It also gives me a thicker wall for the outside shelf pins to sit on.  Later on, I glued these wings in as well as a matching extension below.

Teardrop - Galley and Upper Cabinets - 004

With this lower extension added and everything glued in, I’m almost ready to start fitting the galley hatch. You can also see that I added a temorary support to the center of the counter top to hold it flat until the read dividers are in and I’ve glued on the front nose trim to the counter top.

I’ve also added the front trim to the shelves. This trim is 1 1/2″ tall by 1/4″ inch thick poplar. It provides a tall front lip.