Teardrop: Move Day

— on July 25, 2018 by in Teardrop Camper

The day I’ve been racing to be ready for is here: move day. The trailer is at least basically ready. The lights are wired up, the doors and hatch all latch. Time for a 1324 miles drive.

DIY Teardrop Camper - Move Day - Towing Across Country behind a Dodge Ram 2500

I left Austin during one of the hottest weeks I’ve lived through. Temps during my drive were predicted to be over 100F the entire way. Overheating shouldn’t have been an issue in my Dodge Ram 2500. The trailer, even loaded down, weighs only about 1200lb. The truck barely noticed it.

The temp was about 100F pretty much the entire 2 days of driving. And it was never under 110F on the second day until I cross the mountain pass to descent into San Diego (the last 60 miles or so). The truck did fine. The temp never budged even ascending out of the imperial valley at 120F+ with the trailer. The truck’s AC… Well, it sort of kept up but it wasn’t the most comfortable drive I’ve ever done.

RIP Vintage Lights that I Didn't Attach Well Enough

The only real issue I had on the drive was due to rushed fabrication… My brackets for the taillights were just tack welded because I planned to redo them. Over the course of the 1st day they both broke, destroying the lights and leaving me with hanging wires. I fixed that during my stop at Tucson with some cheap plastic and non-vintage WalMart lights. Once things settle down, I’m going to replace them with a new copy of the vintage lights I had.