Turtle Time at the Marine Room

— on August 22, 2018 by in La Jolla | Underwater

Adrian and I try to go snorkeling regularly (waiting on her dive gear for diving regularly) and the spot we’ve been hitting is the shallow sea grass area just south of the Marine Room.

A Green Sea Turtle Eat Kelp - La Jolla Snorkelling

Every time I’ve hit the water out here, I’ve seen something interesting. Our first snorkel I saw: a shovel headed shark, a ton of rays and a leopard shark. Last weekend I snorkeled with the camera. I was not disappointed. Almost immediately we ran into a sea turtle.

A Green Sea Turtle over Sea Grass

A Green Sea Turtle Swims over Grass and Kelp

This green sea turtle was not bothered by us at all. He hung out in the shallow water (bottom about 8 or 10 feet) foraging and ignoring us (and the other snorkelers).

A Green Sea Turtle heads to the surface for air.

A Green Sea Turtle grabs a breath of air.

Every few minutes he(?) would surface for a breath of air so we were careful to not get between him and the surface. I doubt something as slow and lumbering as a human could have blocked him, but still.

Two Green Sea Turtles check each other out.

Two Green Sea Turtles check each other out.

Eventually a second larger green sea turtle joined the first. This turtle had a much darker shell. I have no idea what that might mean, if anything. They circled for a few minutes in a non-aggressive way and even bumped heads before going their own way.

A Green Sea Turtle

After hanging out for 10 or 15 minutes with the turtles, we swam off.