Superdog! More Taylor Animal Shelter Work

— on October 30, 2018 by in Photography

We’ve been out in California, but are back in TX for a few weeks dealing with some house stuff. Of course Adrian has to go see all her 4 legged friends at the Taylor Animal Shelter. She’s been walking them in the mornings again, and taking pictures on her own.

She also arranged another styled puppy shoot while we were here. It’s Halloween so we went with dogs in capes and superhero costumes.

Claire Needs a Forever Home

Claire has been in all our styled shoots. She is actually getting good at it, and poses really well. That is a bad thing.


She is super sweet, cuddly and loves to devour a DQ ice cream cone now and then. Don’t even get me started about water spraying from hoses. Other than that, she just wants to be near her people.

Claire Bear, a super cuddly pitbull and our best animal model at the Taylor Animal Shelter needs a forever home.

The only reason I can guess that she is still at the shelter is that she is a pit bull and all the BS media stupidity has scared off some people.

More Puppies That Need Homes

The Taylor Animal Shelter is a no kill shelter. It takes in quite a few dogs and works to find them homes with pretty good success.


Peanut is 3 months old, he is tiny and adorable. He plays well with dogs, is ok with cats, and is happy to sit in a lap or two. He is looking for a loving family that will keep him safe and teach him how to “dog”.

Peanut is a puppy at the Taylor Animal Shelter looking for a new adopted home.


Lucci is a hunka-hunka handsome dog. He is a 70+ pound doberman mix. He is filled with energy, and sloppy kisses. Watch out or he may just knock you over trying to cuddle. It’s worth it though! Lucci plays well with other big dogs, would be a great running buddy, and will definitely make you look cool.

Lucci has boundless energy and is looking for the perfect super mom.


She love to play and roughhouse with other dogs but is a great leash walker. She likes to travel at a perfect comfortable jog. Yasmin would love a new furever home with another big dog pal to play with.

Yasmin is a big playful dog that would love a home with other big playful dogs.


Harley is a super smiley catahoula mix. He LOVES to play with humans, and with other dogs. He would make a great running buddy, or even better a play pal for your dog. Have we mentioned that Harley loves to play?

Harley has a super happy face and loves to run and walk.

Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn wins the award for the most 1960s super spy like name. I feel like she should be in a tux with a martini. She is very sweet and is a perfect leash walker. She just met “Robin” and actually everyone else at this photoshoot just a few moments before we started taking pictures. She was an absolutely perfectly behaved gem of a dog!

Delta Dawn is a medium size dog at the Taylor Animal Shelter looking for a new home.


Zooma’s likes include people, walks, and wearing capes as he zooms around. He’s about 10 months old and hopes to be happily walking with his new family before his first birthday.

Zooma went super villan for this shoot, but he is really a nice cuddly dog. He posed perfectly for the photoshoot.

Wrangling Dogs – Behind the Scenes

Working with non-actor dogs has all it’s own challenges. Some of them are basically always running 1000 miles an hour. Many of these adoptable pets are very young and have boundless energy.

Others like Speedy are a little timid even when offered double treats. Speedy needs a home with someone that just wants to cuddle. He was a little overwhelmed by the flashes and the camera, but is really personable 1 to 1.

Dog gets a treat. Speedy was overwhelmed by all the attention, but one on one he is a great cuddly dog.

Putting together a shoot like this takes a lot of effort. My wife did most of the preproduction work of getting the shelter volunteers lined up to come be in the photos and handle the dogs. She was also my main assistant on set during the shoot.

Here she is madly spraying canned atmosphere before one of the dogs and volunteers in costume run through.

Adrian sprays "atmosphere" to add a smokey element to some of the photos.

Many dogs, like me, are food motivated. We spent a lot of time waving treats in the air. Don’t feel bad for the dogs. They got plenty…

Trying to get dogs to look where you want involves a lot of waving treats.

Humans are fair game at these photo shoots too. Although, we wave fewer treats in front of them.

A volunteer holds my light while it balances on the side of a hill.