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Andrew Fritz, Astrophotographer

a (indefinite article) 
     indicates a single type or example.
mad (adjective)
     crazy, foolish or ill-advised.
trip (noun)
     going from one place to another; a journey.
AMadTrip (noun)
     A collection of images from wandering around the Earth.

This site exists as on outlet for me to share my passion for nature, travel and landscape photography. The images collected on this site represent the product of many days and weeks of early mornings and sleepless nights, extremely long drives followed by long hikes, hours spent in the heat, rain and snow. In many situations, I literally shed blood, sweat and tears to get the shot. Why? Because it is simply who I am. It is what I do.

Hiring Me

I am a professional photographer by trade (weddings, events and portraits) but this is the work I do for myself. I take commissions for similar custom or requested work anywhere in the world. My exiting library of work is available with licenses for both commercial and non-commercial uses as well as in print form. To purchase prints, click on any image or to see my private collection of stock for license, use the contact form below.


All work on this site (photos and images) is copyrighted Andrew Fritz. All rights are reserved. Images may not be reused or reproduced for any purpose without express written permission. Contact me to acquire a license.

Contacting Me

Or contact me by phone: 832-641-1283.